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Our Services / Destination Notes - Part 1

Destination Notes


These notes are for your guidance only. U-bag cannot accept responsibility for their accuracy and are subject to change without prior notice.



Please note that many countries now require certified fumigation of all wooden packaging materials.  U-bag are unable to check on departure if these regulations have been complied with. Any fines or delays caused by non-compliance with these regulations will be the responsibility of the shipper. Further details are available at the forestry commission website.



No personal effects can be sent on consolidations



Car Parts require a pre-entry and export license



Please refer to South & Central America.
Original HAWBS must be printed in red



Please be aware of new customs regulations regarding reporting of cargo prior to arrival. U-bag’s rates do not include some local charges which are related to customs clearance, such as Customs screening, which vary according to destination. Please be aware that quarantine fees will also apply and timescale for delivery averages 5 – 7 working days. To assist with the clearance of personal effects we would ask that the following is provided at time of shipment:

  • Copy of Travellers passport page with photograph

  • Copies of any visa’s or work permits

  • A detailed packing list

  • An original, completed unaccompanied baggage form signed by the consignee, who must be the traveler/owner of the goods.

Australian Customs & Quarantine procedures often require personal effects to be inspected. Delivery of personal effects cannot be made until both Customs and quarantine procedures are settled by the consignee. Payment can be made by cash or a cheque from an Australian bank account (credit cards are not accepted).  From January 1 2006, all airfreight shipments containing wooden packaging must carry AQIS approved markings




All House airwaybills must be originals and include original 2 for consignee and copy 4 for Delivery receipt. Airport to Door rates are valid up to a maximum CIF value of GBP 20,000.00.



Please refer to South & Central America. The tax number of the consignee must be shown on all house airwaybills.



Please not that Personal Effects cannot be accepted on an Airport to Door service as the Consignee must be present to clear the personal/household effects. Shipments containing alcohol are not allowed unless they have an authorized government Import permit.

Canary Islands


Consignee’s must have a NIF/VAT number to clear personal effects.



Please refer to “South & Central America”




An original phytosanitary certificate is required for all wood packing. A shippers declaration is required in original form for any non-wooden packing. Non compliance will result in delays and fines. All House airwaybills must be typed as no hand written house airwaybills are permitted. All house airwaybills must show the correct Master airwaybill and must include Consignee’s telephone number. If a consignee wishes to clear a shipment in a different airport to the one on the master airwaybill, the consignee will have to accept any additional charges. All house airwaybills must be rated and must also be originals, and original 2’s must be sent forward. House airwaybills must be typed. If personal effects are booked on a door to door service, the consignee has to provide copy of their passport with temporary via packing list and the date of entry to Chinese territory.



Please refer to “South & Central America”

Costa Rica


Please refer to “South & Central America” The tax number of the consignee must be shown on all house airwaybills.



All documentation has to be original. Egyptian Customs will impose a fine for any amendment to a house airwaybill after its arrival in Egypt. Customs also impose fines if the house airwaybill labels do not match the house airwaybill. Please ensure that the freight is labelled correctly as these costs will be charged back to the origin station. The fines are currently USD 150.00 each. All House airwaybills must be rated. Any shipment addressed to a private individual will result in the individual having to present themselves to Customs before the consignment can be cleared.



Please refer to “South & Central America”

El Salvador


Please refer to “South & Central America”



All House airwaybills must be originals.



For shipments being delivered to a military base it is imperative for the following information to be included on the house airwaybill: Street, Town, Name of Barrack, Name of Person, Full title, and Telephone Number.




Current requirements are as follows:

  • Apart from Personal Effects, all imports are to be covered by “Final Classification and Valuation Report”

  • The report is to be applied for by the importer with his pro-forma invoice and import declaration from 21 days before the arrival of the goods. 10 days before the arrival of the goods, the final invoices, packing lists, permits, airwaybills, bill of lading and other documents should again be submitted to the inspection company for the report to be issued.

  • Verification of values are done from the country of export and this is where we are made to wait when the responses from the origin are not forthcoming to the inspection company.

  • Current tax clearance certificate

  • VAT registration certificate and tax identification number.

These are mandatory requirements importers are finding difficult to supply, making it difficult to provide the service. Free Domicile is not available to Ghana.



All shipments must be sent forward with original shipper’s invoice including both the shipper’s and consignees VAT number. Failure to do so may result in Customs delays and fines. Hand written house airwaybills are not allowed. House airwaybill must show C status if applicable.



Please refer to “South & Central America”

Hong Kong


It is a requirement of HK Customs & Carriers Liaisons Group that both the Shippers and Consignees names and addresses are shown on all manifests entering Hong Kong. We therefore request your co-operation in providing this information. Medical preparations can only be accepted on consolidations if the import licence number is provided.



Personal / Household Effects are not applicable on Airport to Door services.



Indian Customs now require a Business Identification Number from all consignees – without this there will be delays in the clearance through Customs. Due to Indian Customs regulations, the following points must be followed for all shipments:

  • The weight on the house airwaybill, commercial invoice and freight labels must match exactly. Do not show half kilo weights on any documentation. Please also note that all shipments will be check weighed by Indian Customs, and if different to that declared, an amendment fee will be charged.

  • Indian Customs only allow numerical house airwaybill numbers. They do NOT accept letters as part of the house airwaybill number. Please ensure all documentation complies as amendment fees are charged.

  • Personal Effects shipments must be consigned to an individual, not a company, and the shipper and consignee details must be the same. Consignee passport number must be shown in the Consignee section of the house airwaybill. Customs will require production of the Consignee’s passport to clear the goods. Full packing list is required.

  • Personal Effects are not accepted on a Door to Door basis.

  • U-bag will require at least FOUR original copies of the house airwaybill. Faxes or photocopies are not acceptable to Indian Customs. The consignee’s telephone number should always be shown on the house airwaybill. Original invoices are required.

  • All packages must be labelled to House airwaybill level. Any shipments arriving in India not labelled in this way will be liable to a fine from Indian Customs.

  • Shipments in excess of USD300.00 per kilo need to be quoted on separately for Airport to Door services.



To comply with Indonesian Customs please supply the following:
Complete consignee’s address plus telephone numbers are required on all shipments into Indonesia. All documents must be originals including any commercial invoices and packing lists. All consignee’s in Indonesia must have an import licence otherwise Customs will impose additional charges. All consignees must have an import licence to receive freight. Copy 2 of all house airwaybills are required by Indonesian Customs.




Please inform customers of the need to settle local destination charges upon release of the delivery order by the destination agent. All house airwaybills must be original, typed and signed. Hand written amendments are not acceptable. All house airwaybill must show the correct master airwaybill. All house airwaybills consigned to an individual must show the First Name / Surname and the ID card number of the individual. Accurate consignee telephone numbers are essential for all shipments. It is important that accurate documentation is provided. Any errors may give rise to Customs fines. Magazines with pornographic pictures or images of alcoholic drinks are forbidden. Shipments of Personal Effects must include a detailed packing list. All To Door shipments must include an original commercial invoice / packing list and certificate of origin. To Door shipments destined to a Free Trade Zone (under transit conditions for final clearance by consignee) must be quoted case by case. All Duty Paid Shipments – DDP must show the following information o the house airwaybill: commodity name, tariff number, value and freight amount.




For shipments on El Al, please ensure there is separate envelope containing invoice and House airwaybill, marked up “El Al Security”” and is attached to your documents. No Personal Effects are allowed on EL AL consolidations. It is a requirement of Israeli Customs that the following is adhered to:

  • When an EUR-! Is not issued, each shipment must have a commercial invoice with an original signature and show the relevant declaration. Incorrect documentation will result in consignee having to pay inflated duty and taxes. There are 2 types of declaration, either EFTA declaration for values under EUR 6000.00 or Customs Authorisation for values over EUR 6000.00.

  • Any shipment over EUR 6000.00 in value must have an EUR-1 (not simplified procedure)

  • If value is below EUR 6000.00, EUR-1 is not required as long as EFTA declaration is completed on commercial invoice.

  • Israeli Customs take the total value of the shipment / house airwaybill – not individual invoices, and documentation should be completed accordingly.

  • All shipments must be clearly labeled with House Airwaybill Number and Number of Pieces i.e. 1/3, 2/3, 3/3. There is an airport administration fee levied on every shipment which is payable by the consignee. Storage charges are charges on a daily basis with NO FREE days.

  • All House airwaybill must be Originals.



To avoid shipments being snagged, please note the following:

  • CT status must be shown in handling information box as well as top House airwaybill.

  • If goods of UK or EEC origin, commercial invoice MUST state “ FREE CIRCULATION IN THE EEC”

  • All house airwaybills must be typed. Hand written house airwaybills are not accepted. An original 2 copy must go forward.

  • All copies of commercial invoices must have an original signature.


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