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U-BAG - Excess Baggage Packing Recommendations
FAQs / Packing

To minimise costs, clients prefer to pack their own baggage and non breakable items. If you have very large or heavy items, i.e. furniture, U-BAG will provide you with specialist packing companies to handle this for you.
You are responsible for packaging items securely. Shipping breakable items is not recommended and is at your own risk of damage.

A name tag if required on all suitcases. Prepare your bags as if you were taking them to the airport with you, no loose items. Fishing rods should be in appropraite containers, surfboards need to be in a surfboard bag. Golf clubs should be in secure golf club bags and locked with a padlock. Some amount of normal wear should be expected when luggage/baggage is transported. Because of the systems used by transportation companies, luggage/baggage may be scratched or nicked during the handling to final destination.

We accept any strong/good quality carton or case. Please remember that cartons should be at least of thick double wall strength. Hi-fi, stereo, computer, and electrical appliance cartons etc. are normally intended for domestic distribution and are usually unsuitable for export shipments. Such items should be repacked into suitable, double wall boxes or packing cases.

Suitable, double wall boxes can be purchased at any u-bag.com office. The specifications of the cartons are as follows :

Dimensions of Boxes : 50 x 50 x 50 cm.

Maximum Weight per Box : 30 kgs.

Price per Box : R65.00 or GBP 4.50 or Euro 5.00

Cartons may be sealed by owners prior to dispatch. However, they may then be re-opened by customs or airlines with complete discretion. This is for security purposes only. All shipments sent by air are subject to security and/or x-ray examination, which may involve a hand search.

The following dangerous good, hazardous- and prohibited items are NOT allowed to be sent by u-bag.com.


  • Dry Ice
  • Chemicals
  • Firearms & Weaponry, and their parts
  • Explosive Flammable items (glue with thinner, lighter with or without gas, lacquer, nail polish, paint, wax, petroleum, perfumery products with flammable solvents, ink for printing, hair spray.
  • Dry Battery with lithium & potassium
  • Thermometer containing mercury

If you are not sure about how to pack your goods please do not hesitate to contact us at info@u-bag.com

A commercial invoice is required for customs purposes for international services.


Pack as light as possible, this is the best way to travel. Airlines enforce rules on the amount and size of both carry-on and checked luggage. Total measurements for all cabin classes must not exceed 115cms.

One case per person, and one hand luggage is the best way to travel to make travel easy. A basic wardrobe, of standard colours, will minimise space, and the overall weight of the case. Selecting clothes which co-ordinate will aid with packing i.e. try and keep to one colour scheme. Clothing that requires little care, such as wrinkle resistant, quick drying fabrics, will make travelling light and a more pleasant.

Always make a list of things you are taking with you as this will be invaluable should something go missing, or be stolen, while on your travels. Planning clothes for business, leisure and sports activities, ahead of time can help in the packing process. Check weather conditions before hand on the internet, and be prapared. Get a versatile jacket that can be used as raincoat and a warm coat. Saving space and weight can also be achieved by preparing a kit of toiletries. It is advisable not to fill bottles to the top as pressure may cause the contents to expand, and the bottles to leak. Packing bottles in plastic bags can prevent any damage to one's clothing. Use plastic containers where possible.

Pack as tightly as possible and by filling all corners of the case - this means wasted space is avoided and clothing remains wrinkle free. Pack heavy items close to the wheels at the bottom as this will add stability to the case. Stuffing your shoes with underwear or socks will avoid your shoes being crushed during your travels, and is a great way of filling dead space.

Roll clothing up to fill small spaces, where possible. Pack each item one at a time in a clockwise direction. Once you have filled the bottom of the suitcase, begin the next layer, packing each items in a counter clockwise direction. In this way you will form one complete package of your clothes, eliminating as far as possible, wrinkles and securing all of your contents

Always carry your travel documents, medication, jewellery, traveller's cheques, keys and other valuables in your hand luggage. These items should NEVER be packed in luggage you plan to check-in. Lock your luggage to avoid accidental opening due to rough handling or cabin pressure. Carry the keys to your luggage in your hand luggage - write down the combination of your lock. Always remove old baggage claim checks as this avoids confusing baggage handlers about your current destination.

Two pieces of luggage are easier to carry than one. Ig one gets lost you'll still have some belongings. Identify your luggage on the inside with your name, address and telephone number. Travel insurance is important if you are travelling with valuables not covered under the normal luggage allowance provided by the airlines. This is a maximum of US Dollars 20.00 per kilo. If the airline damages your luggage, file a claim while you're still at the airport. The airlines are responsible for the damage which occurs in transit.

Enjoy your travels!

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