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U-BAG - Baggage Shipping FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions
If I have problems in the clearance of my consignment at destination, can U-BAG assist?
Shipments sent can be delivered To Door to most countries around the world. The To Door network is being expanded all the time. You can check which countries we offer To Door services to, by using our online quotation engine.
What is the difference between your Economy and Express Service?
Our Best price service is our Economy service which is a once weekly service that normally takes between 7-10 working days, depending on the destination and when we receive your bags.

Where as, our Express Service ensures that your bags are shipped on the next available flight and normally takes between 3-5 days, depending on destination and when we receive your bags.

Please note however, that these times are a guideline only and are not guaranteed as it can depend on a number of factors outside our control - passenger / cargo flight schedules, weather conditions, peak cargo periods, etc. Also, the above service levels only apply to the Airport to Airport segment of the journey and therefore do not include Collection and Delivery times.
How much will it cost me?
The cost for sending your baggage is determined by the weight of your baggage and the airport of final destination. The size of the packaging may also have a determining factor on the chargeable weight. For more information on how the cost is calculated, please see the Frequently Asked Question concerning volumetric weight.
Does U-BAG accept cheques?
Yes we do. However, the cheques must be bank guaranteed.

Other forms of payment include:

- Cash: Accepted at our offices
- Credit Card: We accept all major credit cards.
- Electronic Transfer: Please contact us for our banking details.
Can I pay "cash on delivery" (COD)?
We regret that we cannot accept COD shipments.
Does U-BAG have offices at the destinations?
U-BAG has appointed authorised sales & handling agents. U-BAG uses leading international courier companies and freight handling agents around the world. These companies are geared to assist you with your every need.
Does U-BAG deliver after hours?
Our Office hours are between 08:30 to 17:00 Monday-Friday. After hours collection and delivery is possible depending on the service you require and your location. There is a surcharge for collections outside normal business hours.

You can deliver shipments direct to any U-BAG receiving centre. Please contact your closest branch for details of business hours or refer to the Contact Us section of this web site.
Are there any discounts for students?
We offer a quality service at the most competitive prices. Our rates and services are tailored to the needs of students. To enjoy these Special rates on our web site, you must be in possession of a valid International Student card.
Can U-BAG collect my baggage?
Yes, your baggage can be collected from any address nationwide. We can collect at specific times at an additional charge.
Can I bring my goods into U-BAG?
Our receiving centres accept personal deliveries. If the shipment is large or difficult to handle, please advise us in advance so that we can make the necessary arrangements to accept your baggage with the minimum amount of delay to yourself.
Do I get a discount if I bring my goods to the U-BAG receiving centre?
We offer Collection as an additional service; hence, dropping off your baggage at one of our receiving centres will save pickup costs and thus be cheaper.
Airfreight charges are sometimes based on volume and not on the actual weight. Why?
The worldwide standard for handling air cargo is based on the greater of actual weight and volumetric weight. An aircraft's cargo hold is restricted in the ability to handle weight and volume. You can calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment by multiplying the length, width and height in centimetres of your pieces and dividing the total by 6000.(In some cases the total is divided by 5000)

Volumetric Weight =[ L x W x H (in cm)] ÷ 6000

We are happy to explain this concept further if you require and to do the volumetric calculation for you. Please bear in mind that this is an International Standard and is not negotiable.
How can I determine the weight that will be charged for my baggage?
a) Multiply the length x width x height of each piece to determine the cubic capacity.
b) Add all the cubic capacities together to get a total cubic capacity.
c) Divide the Total cubic capacity by 6000 to get volumetric weight.
d) Round the total volumetric weight up to the closest half kilogram.
e) Weigh your pieces of baggage.
f) Add the actual weights together to get a Total actual weight.
g) Round the total actual weight up to the closest half kilogram.

Changeable weight is the bigger of g) or d) above

Piece 1: (50cm x 25cm x 25 cm) ÷ 6000 Volumetric Weight = 5.21 kg Actual Weight = 7.83kg

Piece 2:

(100cm x 50cm x 27 cm) ÷ 6000

Volumetric Weight = 22.50 kg

Actual Weight = 17.90kg
Total Volumetric Weight = 5.21kg + 22.50kg = 27.7 kg
Total Actual Weight = 25.73kg
Rounded up to the closest half kilogram:
Volumetric Weight = 28kg
Actual Weight = 26kg
Chargeable Weight = 28kg

If the chargeable weight is greater than the actual weight the shipment is charged using the chargeable weight.
Are there any extra or hidden costs at the destination?
Our To Door service includes all the costs. Some countries may charge for physical customs examination which will be for your account. Customs duties and taxes on dutiable items will also be for your account.

If you send your baggage To Airport only, you will be responsible for local airline handling and customs clearance charges that may be applicable. These charges vary from country to country.
What charges do I have to pay at the destination when sending my baggage to an airport only?
Our To Airport service excludes airline handling and customs clearance charges. These charges vary from country to country. Please Contact Us for further information.
What duties and/ or taxes are payable, if any?
Duties vary widely according to origin and destination. If goods are owned for at least 6/12 months, they are normally duty free. Please bear in mind that we have no control over the actions of customs services anywhere in the world. It is your responsibility to ensure that you abide by the rules and regulations of the country that you are sending your goods to (or from).
Do I have to do my own packing or will U-BAG do it for me?
To minimize costs, clients prefer to pack their own baggage and non-breakable items.

If you have very large or heavy items, i.e. furniture, U-BAG will provide you with specialist packaging companies to handle this for you.
What packaging can we use?
We accept any strong/good quality carton or case. Please remember that cartons should be at least of thick double wall strength. Hi-fi, stereo, computer, and electrical appliance cartons etc. are normally intended for domestic distribution and are usually unsuitable for export shipment. Such items should be repackaged into suitable double wall cartons or packing cases. We suggest using the original packaging the item was purchased in. The Loss & Damage cover is very specific about packaging used if a claim is made.
Can we seal the cartons?
Cartons may be sealed by owners prior to dispatch. However, they may then be reopened by customs or airlines with complete discretion. This is for security purposes only. All shipments sent by air are subject to security and/or x-ray examination, which may involve a hand search.
Does U-BAG cars or motorbikes?
U-BAG will need to quote you separately for these items as these items are not covered by our standard online quotation system. Please contact us for more information and a quote.
What is VAT?
In certain markets we must apply local sales tax, VAT (Value Added Tax) or GST (General Sales Tax). VAT must be levied for shipments within South Africa at the standard rate of 14%. For example a shipment traveling from Cape Town to Johannesburg would attract VAT at the standard local rate of 14%. VAT at 20% also applies to any shipment sent from the UK to a destination within the European Union.
How will I be contacted at destination?
Our agents or the airline will notify you on arrival, where possible, by telephone. It is essential that we receive either a day telephone/ fax number or e-mail address so that they can contact you as soon as possible after the arrival of the goods. Expensive storage charges are levied by airlines and/or airfreight agents on uncollected shipments. Free storage is usually limited to 24-48 hours after arrival of the shipment.
How can I determine if my consignment has flown as booked?
U-BAG will provide an e-mail post-flight confirmation for every shipment. Alternatively, you can log-on to our website using your e-mail address, to check on the status of your shipment.
If I have problems in the clearance of my consignment at destination, can U-BAG assist?
U-BAG have experienced and qualified agents in many cities and in a number of other strategic locations. They will be happy to assist with any local difficulties you may encounter.
What are the prohibited commodities not acceptable by U-BAG?
To view a list of the most common prohibited items and dangerous goods, please visit our "packing" section.
How can I modify or cancel my baggage shipment?
You may cancel your shipment before the baggage has been physically collected by us. This does not apply to shipments after it has left the origin. Return fees will be charged if the shipment has to be returned. To change information about your shipment (such as a delivery address) please Contact Us. If, at the time of pickup, we discover any differences between the physical shipment and the order that may increase the cost of shipping (i.e. an increase in weight) we will hold your shipment at the origin and contact you to ask permission to charge you the extra cost. If, on the other hand, the shipment is lighter than the booking suggested you will be immediately credited with the difference and your shipment will not be delayed.
How are my personal details handled by U-BAG?
Your personal details and details about your shipment are used only to enable us to pickup, transport and deliver your shipment. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.
Who can I contact if I have any other questions not answered here?
You may contact our Customer Services by e-mail or phone if you have further questions. Click on Contact Us to view our contact details.

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