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U-BAG - Excess Baggage
Hassle Free Travel

Travel Lighter - Hands free, Stress Free, Hassle Free


U-BAG is a leading brand in the United Kingdom and South Africa of UBI Worldwide Limited. U-BAG specializes in sending excess baggage and personal effects as unaccompanied baggage by air to over 500 destinations worldwide.







Our benefits are:


U-BAG is convenient


We collect from your home or business and deliver your baggage securely and reliably to your destination.

No need to carry bags to and from the airport if you choose our door-to-door services. This means you bypass all the airport terminal congestion. You arrive at the airport relaxed and ready to travel. Just check-in on the fast moving hand baggage check-in counters, and proceed directly to security screening, passport control and the boarding gate.

Upon arrival at your destination, you can go directly to car rental, hotel or other ground transportation without waiting for your baggage.

We provide Customs clearance and delivery to your door. This service is available to many international destinations.

No airline ticket is required if you just want to send any goods without traveling yourself.


U-BAG is affordable and reliable


Up to 70% saving on airline excess baggage rates.

24/7 online quote system ensuring you get the cheapest quote!

Online email communications and track and trace systems to ensure that your baggage is monitored all the way to its final destination.

We are the preferred baggage shipper for many airline carriers, and our testimonials confirm that we deliver what we promise!


U-BAG is safe and secure


Your baggage is placed in our specially designed luggage bags for added security at no extra charge.

Free of charge Loss & damage cover provided.

U-BAG follows all airline guidelines and procedures for safety and securely handling airline luggage.

Experienced staff to ensure your shipments are handled professionally.


Why choose U-BAG?


U-BAG delivers the highest levels of service attainable and we are constantly striving to find ways of improving our products. Our friendly customer service agents are always on hand to offer advice and guidance. This means that we go the extra mile!

Whether you are a surfer, golfer, skier, diver, business traveller or a large family, U-BAG provides a hassle free travel solution for you. We want you to relax and enjoy your travel whether it be for Business, for Leisure or for Sport.

U-BAG is the preferred shipper for transporting Personal Effects, Excess Baggage and Unaccompanied Baggage for many airlines and travel Agents. We specialize in overseas removals by air, and can arrange every aspect of your move to any location in the world.


Year on year, more and more people are cris-crossing the globe, be it to work, study or travel. These people are our customers, because they often accumulate more belongings than they can carry home within the limits of their baggage allowances.  This situation can incur hefty and unexpected excess baggage penalty charges applied by the carrier. We have all experienced  congested airports, long check-in queues and the inconvenience of hauling luggage on a vacation or business trip. Travelling is getting less and less appealing every day. And whatsmore, if one does have excess baggage, the airlines charge hefty and unexpected excess baggage penalty charges! Imagine never having to carry heavy bags through the airport. Imagine never having to wait in long check-in queues, being able to board your flight with just hand baggage, and have the luxury of your personal effects waiting for you at your destination.   U-BAGprovides Hassle Free Travel solutions for Business, for Leisure, for Sport.  U-BAG's service makes travelling stress free, hassle free and hands free!


We make it easy for you to ship personal effects like:


Golf clubs - skis - surfing gear - scuba equipment - bicycles - children's prams - business brochures and exhibition / presentation materials Shipping personal belongings does not only apply to people traveling.  Relocating to another city or country can be a daunting task for anyone. U-BAG aims to make this displacement and the transfer of your belongings as smooth as possible.
U-BAG specialises in excess and unaccompanied baggage shipping worldwide. Take advantage of this convenient service today and check our our two service options! 
Our two service options, To Airport and To Door ensure you have the choice to make use of our Best Price offering or our convenient and hassle free door to door delivery.


In addition to this, U-BAG offers the following add-on services:


Up to 70% savings on excess baggage rates

Unbeatable rates, booking and shipment tracking

Nationwide collections and deliveries

Free of charge wrapping of luggage in our specially designed luggage bags

First rate customer service


The benefits to you are clear. Not having to carry your luggage and face long lines, waiting, lost luggage etc. By sending your baggage through U-BAG, our use of local carriers minimises the time taken to get from your residence or business. Which for you means no delay. Your baggage is in constant movement to it final destination.


At the same time we provide significant benefits to airlines which include: customer satisfaction, easier check-in, a secure alternative to curb-side check-in, less conjestion in the departure hall with less baggage to screen , and it should minimise departure delays.


U-BAG can arrange for an online quote for your desired shipping destination.
Go to Best Price quote now or Contact Us if you have any queries or questions.

We look forward to being of service to you.


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